COVID-19 has brought challenges and hardships for all of us. Take time to rest, acknowledge, and care for your mental health during this pandemic.

For most of us, our homes are our workplace at the moment. It can be hard to balance work and home when those worlds start to merge. Here are some tips for managing stress while working from home:

  • Set physical boundaries. Create a workspace at home where you can focus on your job. When you leave that space, leave your work there too.

  • Set mental boundaries. While setting a physical boundaries can be helpful, it is also important to create mental boundaries. When you switch to home life, try not to think about work. It can be difficult, but consciously choosing to be focused on the present at home can help you separate the two worlds and manage your stress.

  • Take a break. Do not feel guilty about taking a long lunch, going for a walk, or stopping work early. If you are feeling overwhelmed, get up, get out, and take a break. Exercise not only gets you moving, but it can also help recenter your body and mind so you will feel energized afterwards and be able to focus.


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