Congratulations on getting an interview! You put in the time and effort with your application and it paid off. Preparing for an interview is just as important as applying for the job. These can be over the phone, in person or via video calling. No matter the connection, you need to present yourself in the best way possible.

A Few Days Before the Interview

Sometimes the time between applying for a job and getting an interview can be substantial. It can be easy to forget what the position is. Check out some tips below for how to prepare for your interview:

  • Learn as much as you can about the prospective employer.

  • Review your resume. Think about how your skills and accomplishments can be assets to the company.

  • Be prepared to answer these standard questions:

    1. Can you tell me a little about yourself?

    2. Why do you want to work here? What do you know about the company?

    3. What are your strengths/weaknesses?

  • Practice answering interview questions out loud. You want your responses to sound confident but not rehearsed.

  • Prepare your own list of questions to ask the interviewer.

  • Ensure that you are following the company, and the employer or interviewer if possible, on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

  • *Remember: this is your opportunity to learn more about the position and the company’s culture.

The Night Before the Interview

Now that you have refreshed your mind on the company and their mission, it is time to know and prepare yourself for the logistics. Make sure you have taken into account the following to ensure the day of the interview goes off without a hitch:

  • Make plans for getting to the interview; know exactly where you are going and to whom you will be speaking.

  • Allow extra time to get to your interview in case there are delays due to rush hour or weather.

  • Review the bus schedule, fill your car with gas, or re-confirm other transportation plans. If you are driving yourself, know where to park and ensure that you have cash on hand to pay for parking.

  • Decide what you will wear and check that it is clean, pressed, has no missing buttons, etc.

  • Confirm child care and any other plans that require you to depend on someone else. Have a back-up plan in case your primary one falls through.

  • Check the weather forecast. Will you need an umbrella? Should you wear a coat?

  • Plan how you will wear your hair and makeup. You should not try anything new, and your appearance should be appropriate for a professional setting.

  • Your fingernails should be conservative in length and color, and your polish should not be chipped.

  • Do as much of your morning preparation as you can for both yourself and your family.

  • Take a deep breath and relax. You got this!

For information on the different types of interview attire, check out our Clothing Guide page.