Post-interview actions can be just as important as interview preparation. You want to make sure you are showing your enthusiasm even after the interview has passed.

Post-Interview Actions

After the interview, you want to remain confident when you leave. Check out the tips below for what to do after your interview:

  • Shake the interviewer(s) hands firmly and confidently.

  • Thank them for taking the time to see you.

  • Send the interviewer a thank-you note/email within 24 hours of your interview. Use the opportunity to restate your qualifications and interest in the position.

  • Stay positive! Interviewing can be a lengthy process, especially if the company wants to conduct a second interview with additional staff members.

Reasons for Not Getting the Job

Even if you put a lot of time and effort into applying and interviewing for a job, sometimes you might not get a job offer. Try not to get too discouraged as there could be several things that played a part in the employer's decision. Here are some potential examples:

  • The organization or employer changed their hiring needs

  • The hiring manager had someone else in mind for the position

  • You have leadership skills, but the organization is not looking for a manager

  • You have greater ambitions, and they do not think you will stay long-term

  • Late to the interview

  • You did not follow up after the interview

  • You did not send all of the supplemental application materials

  • Your social media does not fit with their culture

  • Your references were vague and not familiar with your work

  • You were unfamiliar with the company's values or mission

  • Poor personal appearance/unprofessional application

  • Lack of confidence and poise

  • Lack of planning for career, with no purpose and goals

  • Overemphasis on money, interest only in best dollar offer or benefits

  • Unrealistic job and/or advancement expectations

These are not the only reasons for not getting a job offer. There could be additional internal factors, and it is important to keep your head up and stay positive. View every interview as a learning experience, and use each one to improve your skills for the next interview!

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