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Thrifting 101

How To Thrift Shop

Ashley from bestdressed sums up amazing tips and trick for thrifting. She gives us advice on online thrifting and easy thrift flip ideas.

Thrifting Tips and Tricks 
  • Shop during the week if possible (Ideally Tuesday)

  • Visit Often 

  • Inspect Clothes Carefully 

  • Pick Fabrics Wisely

  • Search for Discounts Online

  • Look at the Store Location 

  • Go Online 

  • 13 Essential Tips for Thrift Store Shoppers

    • Don't head out on your next thrifting trip without reading these 13 thrift store do's and don'ts-not if you want to get the good stuff.

  • 34 Thrift Shopping Tips

    • Do you want to start thrift store shopping but do not know where to start? We have 34 thrift shopping tips just for you!

  • 10 Shopping Tips For Scoring The Best Finds At A Thrift Store

    • From a former employee-turned-bargain lover.

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