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Clothed with Confidance

Connecting Beyond the Clothing

Business Casual

As of 2001, about 44% of U.S. companies had adopted an everyday business casual dress code.

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We love these business casual looks by Tanesha Awasthi at Girl with Curves!

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What is Business Casual?
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Less formal than traditional business professional attire but "just professional enough" to be appropriate.

Business casual is:
  •  combination of the following (Utilize capsule wardrobe)

    • Top: Varied assortment of cotton and patterned blouses with different sleeve lengths depending on office climate and policy 

    • Bottom: Dress slacks or knee-length pencil skirts 

    • Shoes: Small heeled shoes or flats 

    • Modest Makeup

Business casual is NOT:
  • Denim 

  • Strappy Sandals 

  • Ripped pants or those with bold prints

  • Spaghetti Straps 

  • Sportswear 

  • T-shirts or hoodies 

  • Tennis Shoes

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