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  1. Obtain a referral from any local non-profit

    • After requesting a referral from any community non-profit, this referral will be faxed directly to your local Dress for Success Pittsburgh branch. A team member will contact you directly within 2-3 business days.

  2. Complete Our Client Style Survey 

    • After requesting your referral, you will be able to complete your own Personal Style Survey. This survey is crucial to helping your stylist better understand your style and fit preferences. This survey link will be sent directly to you as well!

  3. ​Schedule Your Virtual Client Styling Appointment 

    • ​Upon initial contact, a team member will then email your client styling paperwork to complete in advance of your appointment. Once the links are completed a team member will work with you to schedule a Virtual Client Styling Experience via Zoom.  A personally stylized rack of clothing, shoes and accessories will be pulled based on your preferences in advance of your appointment. You and your stylist will then "shop" the rack together to find your perfect look! 

  4. ​After Your Virtual Client Styling Experience​​

    • ​Upon completion of your Virtual Client Styling appointment, your virtual stylist will work with you to arrange a pick-up time for your completed style bag at one of our branch locations! 

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