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The mission of Dress for Success Pittsburgh is to empower women who are entering and returning to the workforce across Southwestern PA.

Monthly Book Feature

With unflinching honesty and moving prose, Janet Mock relays her experiences of growing up young, multiracial, poor, and trans in America, offering readers accessible language while imparting vital insight about the unique challenges and vulnerabilities of a marginalized and misunderstood population. Though undoubtedly an account of one woman’s quest for self at all costs, Redefining Realness is a powerful vision of possibility and self-realization, pushing us all toward greater acceptance of one another—and of ourselves—showing as never before how to be unapologetic and real. Purchase the book here.

Dress for Success Pittsburgh is, first and foremost, an anti-poverty organization. We believe that every woman has the right to autonomy and the right to decide what success means for herself. Ensuring that all women have access to resources that advance their goals and success is a priority for our organization. Recognizing that this is an uncertain and challenging time for many women, we encourage everyone to prioritize safety and emotional well-being. Our Connections Resource Center provides resources for physical, mental, and emotional support. Please do not hesitate to message us directly if we can be of assistance to you or any woman you know.